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Pools of Serenity

Product Code: TK-017 $1,595.00
Artist: Thomas Kinkade

Title: Pools of Serenity or Garden of Prayer II

Release Date: 1999

Size 24 x 30

Signed and Numbered

Master Highlighting in Oil

This is on Canvas

Framed and ready to hang in your favorite room.

Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity

Sold Out at Galleries

"It may be that all of us carry in our souls a memory of Eden. That could account for the attraction Ive long felt for gardens. Pools of Serenity speak to those personal associations and to something more. Ive reached into the core of my spiritual life to express what I can only call the wonderfully comforting friendship I feel with my God." - Thomas Kinkade

All of our prints come with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity, come framed and ready to hang.


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