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Golden Gate Bridge

Product Code: TK-005 $2,800.00
Artist: Thomas Kinkade

Title: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Release Date: 1995

Canvas Size 24x36

Gallery Proof (G/P) on Canvas. This one has Kinkade's signature on the back of the canvas.


Comes with Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity

Sold Out at Galleries (retail $3,845)

"I came upon a half-hidden trail overlooking the bay, and followed it down through a dense eucalyptus forest leading to a small beach. A fisherman there told me, "Few know about this place, but it's like nowhere else in the world." As he spoke, a dense fog lifted, and before me stood the majestic arch of the Golden Gate Bridge. " — Thomas Kinkade

All of our prints come with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity, come framed and ready to hang.


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