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San Francisco, Lombard Street

Product Code: TK-015 $2,200.00
Artist: Thomas Kinkade

Title: San Francisco, Lombard Street

Release Date: 2001

Size 30 x 40

Signed and Numbered

Master Highlighting in Oil

This is on Canvas

Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity

Largest and most favorite size of this painting Note: Both canvas and frame are new, probably impossible to find one in this condition.

"This is a golden evening; the warm glow of sunset banishes the mist and paints the busy street with its cheerful light. The exuberance of city life is everywhere evident. On Lombard Street, on an evening such as this, life is a gala celebration of the endless possibilities of city life. I invite you to celebrate with me." - Thomas Kinkade

All of our prints come with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity, come framed and ready to hang.