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New York 1932, Snow on Seventh Avenue

Product Code: TK-014 $3,100.00
Artist: Thomas Kinkade

Title: New York 1932 - Snow on Seventh Avenue

Release Date: 1989

Size 18 x 27

Signed and Numbered

This edition was limited to 935 Split between paper and canvas. So there is about 465 total. Very rare early Kinkade and is highly collectible.

This is on Canvas

Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity

Sold Out at Galleries

Canvas Condition - Perfect. Needs new frame, but will ship in original frame to protect canvas better.

"For the most part, I paint places I can see and experience first hand, though occasionally I enjoy the challenge of creating a romantic vision of another era. I have tried to capture the bustling activity of New York in the twenties and early thirties in New York, Snow on Seventh Avenue, 1932. " - Thomas Kinkade

All of our prints come with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity, come framed and ready to hang.


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