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Gardens Beyond Spring Gate S/N

Product Code: TK-020 $2,435.00
Artist: Thomas Kinkade

Title: Gardens Beyond Spring Gate

Release Date: 1998

Canvas Size 25.5 x 34

Signed and Numbered

Master Highlighting in Oil


Comes with Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity

Sold out at the galleries.

"All of us, I believe, carry a memory of Eden. Life began in that garden, and for me, many of the good things of life are still to be found in gardens. I would even say that, much as I love a manor house, I am best pleased by the extensive gardens that wreathe these stately homes in natural splendor. "When I came upon the blooming Spring Gate, I accepted its invitation to explore - partly to satisfy a secret longing for the splendid gardens I expected to discover within. And, since this is a locale of the imagination, I haven't been disappointed. 'The Gardens Beyond Spring Gate' are as sumptuous and satisfying as I can make them. The third print in my Spring Gate series illustrates my belief that gardens truly are the loveliest imaginable setting for a civilized life. The manor house, as grand and imposing as it is, serves as a gateway to this marvelous garden. Imagine taking tea at the gem-bright reflecting pool, while the perfume of blossoms washes over you, and the rustling breeze in the dogwood trees mingles with the tinkle of falling water in the fountain. Now that is my idea of a visit to Eden. "By the way, as a tribute to my recently celebrated 40th birthday, I've hidden 40 N's within this painting, Perhaps you can enjoy a cup of tea in this imaginary garden as you search for them!" - Thomas Kinkade

All of our prints come with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity, come framed and ready to hang.


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